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Launching the MAN Card offensive.

Reinert_MAN Card_Werbekampagne

100 trailers from REINERT LOGISTICS are advertising the new services of the MAN Card from MAN Financial Services on the road.

MAN Financial Services offers tailor-made solutions for every requirement in one modular kit - all under one roof. The MAN Financial Services brand offers all commercial vehicle customers a broad range of financing, leasing and rental purchase offerings as well as flexible insurance and rental solutions for every specific need. “In addition to pure needs analysis and selecting the optimal financing mix, we also focus on the further development of new services. This is how we recently established a value-added programme with the MAN Card, which will be a perfect addition to our range of services and especially the rental service portfolio,” explains Nils Uphoff, CEO of EURO-Leasing GmbH /Rental Division of MAN Financial Services.

“The MAN Card brings along additional cost and savings potential for our customers. Together with LogPay Transport Services, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG since 2017, we are offering our own fuel and toll card for Germany and Europe for the first time. Our customers will benefit from the experience of LogPay Transport Services, the specialist for fuel cards and one of the leading providers of toll services in over 18 European countries. The national and international petrol station and service network with more than 55,000 petrol stations consists of supraregional brands such as Aral and Shell as well as Total and AS24. As a service card, the MAN Card also considerably reduces the administrative expenses of vehicle fleet management,” explains Judit Habermann, CEO of CarMobility.

Reinert_MAN Card_Werbekampagne_2

A joint photo was taken with all of the stakeholders along to mark the 100th trailer. Markus Röhl, Head of Marketing, Robert Wagner, Project Manager, René Reinert, CEO of REINERT LOGISTICS and owner of REINERT Racing and Ronni Dressel, Rental Contact for MAN Financial Services. (left to right)

Marco Herre, Head of Sales at EURO-Leasing GmbH / Rental Division of MAN Financial Services adds: “The MAN Card is also being expanded with a comprehensive value-added programme, specially tailored for the rental business. This relieves our customers’ financial burden and ensures that the technical use of the vehicles is greatly accelerated in the workshop, for example with service exemption limits.”

In the course of the MAN Card offensive, MAN Financial Services launched an advertising campaign. All over Europe, trailers from the long-standing MAN customer REINERT Logistic GmbH & Co. KG are on the road to draw attention to the new services and added value of the MAN Card through advertising on the rear ends. “We are pleased to be able to carry out this campaign together with a renowned customer such as REINERT LOGISTICS,” say Uphoff and Herre.

REINERT LOGISTICS is a Europe-wide, medium-sized transport and logistics company. The modern vehicle fleet of REINERT LOGISTICS currently comprises 750 vehicles, which, in addition to purchased or leased MAN tractor units, also includes trailers from the rental division of MAN Financial Services. “I am delighted to have a competent truck partner at my side with MAN, who also impresses in terms of products and services. It was only last year that we proudly took on the 500th MAN and will in future also be expediting larger trailer packages via the rental division as well as the added value of the MAN Card,” emphasizes René Reinert, CEO of REINERT Logistic GmbH & Co. KG.