The login area of the EURO Leasing Operator with your personal access data

The benefits of your EURO Leasing Operation

  • Quick, transparent and efficient vehicle return
  • Digital real-time management
  • Display of certain report via web-codeSimple search function via a quick overview

Variable search function by vehicle number, official ID, internal number or report number

  • Filter by manufacturer, vehicle type or model
  • Status query for individual reports
  • Display of various report types such as minimized loss assessment, claim assessment and return protocols

Electronic presentation of reports

One possibility is to magnify the photo documentation of a certified reduced value appraisal in order to magnify in the individual damage and have it displayed with the corresponding repairs – and the value reduction. The report contains a list of all relevant factors influencing the valuation. The reports can be used to generate a pdf file in the various local languages at any time.

Photo documentation

Every individual damage incident is displayed with photo documentation as well as the corresponding factors such reduced value and repaired value. The reduced value from the damage shall be calculated based on the lease term, vehicle age and mileage.

Our benefits from the EURO Leasing Operator

  • Uniform reports
  • Maximum information at first glance
  • Photo documentation of all damage
  • Vehicle regard with calculations in real time
  • Immediate access to all event, regardless of location
  • Greatest possible transparency and quality in the recording of the vehicle return
  • Universal search methods
  • Multiple languages
  • Electronic vehicle file
  • Data security through professional hardware and software technologies